TelexFree VOIPCall To Over 40 Countries: Landlines & Cell Phones!

With TelexFREE you can call more than 40 countries paying a low single monthly fee.

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Video Calls on InternetFree Video Calls

Why just talk when you can see each other as if they were in the same room?

Make video calls with your family, friends or acquaintances around the globe. Enjoy!


lexFREE Conference CallsConference Calls

Conference calls. Talk to several people on the same call. It’s free if all participants use the TelexFREE software.

Now is the time to use the technology to make the world more accessible. Organize a group so that you can all meet together, even when you are in separate countries.

Reap the benefits of the group communications. Try these services for personal or business uses. You can download the software for a one hour FREE trial, and test the system for yourself.

Enjoy using the Voice Over Internet Protocol. (VoIP)


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This plan allows you to call unlimited for a single monthly payment of only US$ 49.90.
See where you can call and talk freely, everything right from your computer using the TelexFREE software.

Talk freely to cell phones from carriers – both local and long distance
Talk freely to any landline
Call freely to any cell phone and landline numbers in the USA and Canada – international calls IDD
With our 99Telexfree Plan, you can say goodbye to running out of outgoing credits and being left with incoming calls only. Don’t waste your time, purchase your plan now.


 TelexFree VOIP Person Talking on Computer Voice Over Internet Protocol

The Telexfree VoIP plan is the economy solution for your local and international calls. You just need to have access to broadband Internet, and use your computer, phone with ATA, IP Phone (VoIP), mobile phone or access our central access to make and receive your calls.


Central Access To Countries In America, Europe, Asia & Oceania

Using our central access you can make calls without internet or the computer, you just need to call our central number of your country. The connection must be done from a phone registered.

See countries that have central access

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