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When looking at and evaluating a new opportunity, it can be important to read reviews and then formulate your own opinion, as to whether to go ahead.

What are the factors that you want to evaluate? Stability, potential for longevity, legal compliance, performance to date, opinions of others who have been in the program for a longer time.

So check out the background, the benefits and the future potential of the TelexFree Business Opportunity.


TelexFree in Brazil Company Origin And Background In Brazil

The Company, TelexFree, initiated the program in its current form in Brazil at the beginning of 2012. Within about 10 months, they had attracted about 300,000 independent distributors (promoters.) and produced 23 new millionaires.

Now, with the launch over 14 months ago, Brazil  now has over 800,000 members. With the authorization from the attorney general to launch in the US, many predict we’ll see extraordinary growth in the United States in 2013.


TelexFree business profitsTelexFree Income Streams

When people join TelexFree to promote the business opportunity, they join either with an Ad Central package $289 or the Ad Central Family pack for $1375. Click here to see the summary for these guaranteed Ad Placement Payments. There are also many other sources of income from the TelexFree business: retail commissions, sponsorship bonuses, a 2 X Infinity Binary bonus, residual commissions, 6 generations of passive income, group earnings and team earnings bonus pool plus and more!

TelexFree VOIP Person Talking on Computer Voice Over Internet ProtocolThe Main Product: VOIP Services

With TelexFREE VOIP services (Voice Over Internet Protocol) you can call more than 40 countries and pay only a single monthly fee.

The 99TelexFree plan allows you to call unlimited for a single monthly payment of only US$ 49.90.
You can call and talk freely, all right from your computer using the TelexFREE software.

Make video calls with your family, friends or acquaintances around the globe. Make conference calls with others who have the program.


TelexFree ContactsQuestions, Contacts, And Learning More

There is a lot to learn about this opportunity.  On the other hand it is very simple to get started.  With a supportive team, there are always available resources to help you build your business.

We recommend that you watch a video presentation, or a live webinar and then contact us with any questions. If we don’t have the answer, we will connect you to someone who does. As we said, we have a great team.

The TelexFree Business Overview

In summary, when considering the TelexFree business opportunity, an important takeaway, is that EVERYONE IS GETTING PAID WEEKLY! The AdCentral packs guarantee a set income in exchange for placing daily ads for the VOIP calling service. Therefore, there is a real and vital product which provides communication to over 40 countries. Furthermore, there are other products and expanded services which are forthcoming, which will add additional income sources. For example, an e-Commerce opportunity in Brazil is ready to launch, which will provide another widespread source of income. With the current fast pace of growth, the timing is important, and the best time is NOW!

Everyone Gets Paid Weekly!


The TelexFree Global Business Opportunity


Telex Global Business,-World map

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