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TelexFree NewsIt is unusual for an American company to introduce its networking business program in another country first, before introducing it to the States. Since what is now the TelexFree business, promoting VOIP telecommunication services, was first started in Brazil, it is indeed new to this country.

But first, we’ll look at the phenomenal growth in Brazil, where they first launched and grew in 14 months to over 800,000 members. During this brief period, 23 of these individuals became millionaires through TelexFREE.


telexFREE BrazilBut, why Brazil in the first place? Telephony and internet services in Brazil are among the most expensive in the world, according to a study released by the UN. The high prices charged by telecommunications services in Brazil are due mainly to the high state taxes. In the ranking of 150 countries of ITU (International Telecommunication Union), Brazil appears among the 40 in which the use of landlines and mobiles consumes the largest share of per capita income.

James-Merrill-CEO-TelexfreeYears earlier, James Merrill, CEO of TelexFREE, saw a huge market once he met some Brazilians and found out that they spent way too much making calls. Knowledgeable about a new era of technology (VOIP), he founded a company in 2002 to serve this market. It was only in 2011 that the company decided to convert the business model to one which shared the income in a participatory networking business model.

Now, with the recent authorization to launch in all 50 states, the prediction is that the U.S. growth rate will rapidly eclipse that of the Brazilian debut.


TheTelexFREE Business Model

TelexFree Business ModelThe TelexFREE business opportunity starts with giving participants a choice of purchasing two different Ad packages. The Ad Central package is priced at $289 and the Ad Central Family pack is for $1375. The remarkable thing about these packages is that the independent distributors are guaranteed a set weekly income for performing the task of placing daily ads online. Each plan has a different set of requirements and income. Also, there is no monthly fee for members. If the ads or personal efforts result in sales of the TelexFree VOIP services, then a 90% commission is received for the initial month’s sale. All distributors (promoters) are paid weekly according to the ad packages, for their efforts in placing ads, whether there are the additional sales of the products or not. The main point is to post the online ads daily, or you must start over for the week.

The First Product: VOIP Telecommunications

TelexFree International communicationCommunications across the world, now available to 40 countries!  TelexFree offers an excellent package for reaching friends, family and business associates around the globe, all for one economical fee of $49.90 per month.

You can call to both landlines and cell phones. You can also make these calls Video calls for Free. Also, when other participants also have the TelexFree VOIP package, then you can all enjoy Conference calls.

Other packages and plans are forthcoming.




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